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Open-source tools and educational content for developers

High-Quality Tools and Content

For developers, from developers - for free!

CodeZri (a non-profit organization) builds open-source products and high-quality educational content for developers around the world. We built popular free and open-source products including Neutralinojs, BuildZri, ReleaseZri, and Jerverless. We often publish coding tutorials and technical articles.

Open Source Software

CodeZri turns innovative ideas to open source products. Our goal is to make open source tools to make every developer's life easier. Neutralinojs and Jerverless are our popular innovations.

Articles For Developers

CodeZri often publish articles about computer science, programming, and technology. Follow us on social media for latest technical articles and news.

Tutorials For Developers

CodeZri loves to share knowledge with the developer community. Follow us on YouTube for latest videos about programming, open source projects, and tips & tricks.