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Free educational sessions for the community

Every software system's success depends on its foundation, so every programmer strives to put a stable foundation for software projects with various architectural patterns. Similarly, every developer's career success depends on their skill set's foundation, what they learn initially.

Self-learning is undoubtedly the best way to learn anything, but initial guidance is indeed needed. Therefore, experienced programmers need to mentor and guide beginner-level programmers with their experience.

CodeZri loves to guide and mentor beginner programmers via online technical sessions. Right now, we do free online technical sessions for Sri Lankan university students via the Google Meet platform.

We do technical sessions on the following topics:

  • Git and GitHub: 2h (1h theory and 1h hands-on)
  • Introduction to open source: 1h
  • How does your program work (software, compilers, assemblers, and machine language): 1h
  • Python programming: 2h (hands-on)
  • C programming: 2h (hands-on)
  • C++ programming: 2h (hands-on)
  • Bash scripting: 2h (hands-on)
  • How to write better code: 1h
  • Programming best practices (KISS, YAGNI, DRY-like concepts): 1h
  • Get started with DevOps: 2h (1h theory and 1h hands-on)
Fill out the contact form and request a time slot.

Please note that these sessions are free for any Sri Lankan educational institute — we do not accept any payment or donation as a reply for technical sessions.