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Neutralinojs 2024 Roadmap

At the end of every year, we typically publish a new blog post about the annual achievements and plans of the Neutralinojs project. In the past few years, we published the roadmap article at the end of each year, but from 2024 onward we'll bring this post to you at the beginning of every upcoming year to start each new year with fresh plans by looking back at the previous year. So, here is the review of 2023 and plans for the brand-new 2024!

We could publish seven remarkable framework releases, nine neu CLI releases, and seven client library releases with new features and stability enhancements by fulfilling the developer community's needs in 2023.

Neutralinojs 2023 Roadmap

We typically publish a set of goals for the upcoming year and let you know the current year's achievements at the end of every year via a blog post. For example, we published the "Neutralinojs 2022 Roadmap" article on December 2021. Similarly, we are publishing this article for the year 2023. We are happy to announce that we completed most of the planned goals in 2022. We made Neutralinojs stable and competitive by implementing DevOps principles and doing various performance, architectural, security, and source-code-level enhancements.

Neutralinojs 2022 Roadmap

Every year, we typically publish a high-level view of planned milestones. We wrote the "Neutralinojs roadmap 2021" article covering milestones for the year 2021. The year 2021 roadmap focused on building an error code system, synchronizing features among supported platforms, completing pending feature requests, and refactoring the main codebase with a better structure. We are happy to announce that we achieved all the planned milestones and passed many extra milestones.