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How We Save Our Time with DevOps

Earlier, the software development lifecycle was simple—we didn't have automated feature delivery, complex application health checks, cloud-based test suites, etc. Later, the DevOps movement drastically changed the software development processes by motivating developers to automate everything. DevOps helped software development teams to productively build high-quality software, deliver features/patches so fast, and make software systems stable.

Neutralinojs 2022 Roadmap

Every year, we typically publish a high-level view of planned milestones. We wrote the "Neutralinojs roadmap 2021" article covering milestones for the year 2021. The year 2021 roadmap focused on building an error code system, synchronizing features among supported platforms, completing pending feature requests, and refactoring the main codebase with a better structure. We are happy to announce that we achieved all the planned milestones and passed many extra milestones.